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Reviews for Dr. Anthony E. Brissett

Choosing a plastic surgeon can become a nerve-wracking decision when you try to find and read online reviews, which are usually scattered all over the Internet. Dr. Brissett has compiled all of his online reviews onto his site, so potential patients can spend more time learning about our practice and less time searching. Our reviews are the opinions and stories of real, former patients and we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback and help us grow. We hope these reviews help you understand more about Dr. Anthony Brissett and his facial plastic surgery practice in Houston, TX.

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Review from B.D.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 05, 2014

Dr. Brissett and his staff provide the highest quality in patient medical care.               Dr. Brissett is a highly trained specialized surgeon who practices  within Baylor College of Medicine. He is the most excellent physician and surgeon. He has extensive experience in medical care and cosmetic procedures. This is where you want to go for any surgical or cosmetic procedure. His expertise is incredible, and his staff is warm, friendly, and  supportive. If you are considering any procedure, or require this specialty medical care `you will be completely happy with the results you will get from Dr. Brissett. He will exceed your expectations! More

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