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Should You Have a Facelift After Extreme Weight Loss?

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With significant weight loss comes a number of exciting and even life-changing benefits, from an enhanced appearance to improved mobility and even a reduction in overall health risks. However, many men and women also experience unwanted aesthetic side effects of extreme weight loss, like sagging skin and deflated features. In particular, the face is often affected by these consequences. With the increasing popularity of weight loss injections, like semaglutide and others, more and more patients are losing a large amount of weight quickly and developing a saggy, drawn facial appearance — but we can help. At Brissett Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony E. Brissett performs facial enhancement surgery, skin tightening, and other procedures to help reverse the unwanted cosmetic outcomes of weight loss. Take a closer look at the many reasons it may be worth considering a facelift after losing weight, and discover what stunning results may be possible for you.

Why do I look older after losing weight?

If you’re like many men and women who have recently lost a fairly significant amount of weight — whether with weight loss injections or traditional diet and exercise — you may feel that, despite having a slimmer and more desirable physique overall, your face actually appears to have aged by several years. This is often due to pronounced sagging, drooping, wrinkles, and facial folds that result from stretched-out skin left behind by weight loss. A classic side effect of rapid and/or extreme weight loss is a long, worn, or drawn facial appearance, which can age a person by many years.

How can a facelift help after weight loss?

For men and women whose facial lines, wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin are more prominent after weight loss, facelift surgery may offer an effective solution for restoring a more refreshed and youthful appearance. During a facelift after weight loss, Dr. Brissett will address the unique aesthetic concerns associated with lost facial volume and work to reverse these concerns through the excision of excess or stretched skin, the tightening and repositioning of facial muscles and tissues, and other techniques. Depending on the nature and extent of your post-weight-loss concerns, Dr. Brissett may recommend one or more of the following facial rejuvenation treatments or procedures:

  • Traditional (full) facelift surgery
  • Mini facelift
  • Mid-facelift
  • Lower facelift
  • Neck lift

Should I get fillers after weight loss?

For patients who may not be eligible for facelift surgery or who may simply prefer a less invasive alternative to a surgical facelift, injectable dermal fillers are a popular option for smoothing out lines and restoring lost facial volume following weight loss. During your initial consultation for facial rejuvenation after weight loss, Dr. Brissett will closely evaluate your particular signs and symptoms, discuss your concerns and preferences, and determine whether a facelift vs. fillers — or perhaps a combination of both — may be the most appropriate and effective treatment plan for you.

Celebrate your weight loss milestone by completing your transformation with facelift surgery in Houston, TX

Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, you deserve to finally feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. If your droopy face is keeping you from enjoying your new and improved look, we can help. Start your journey toward completing your ultimate weight loss transformation by calling Brissett Plastic Surgery to schedule your Houston, TX facelift consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony E. Brissett today.

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