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Lymphatic Massage in Houston, TX

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What is a Lymphatic Massage?

After a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure performed by Houston, TX double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony E. Brissett, the face could be in need of some TLC. Medical Aesthetician Annie Christenson can help with manual lymphatic drainage massage. Through a series of manual manipulations, the body is detoxified and drained of metabolic waste to speed up healing, decrease pain and discomfort, encourage blood flow, and reduce tissue inflammation post-surgery. The lymphatic massage is a great way to boost the immune system, increase energy, and combat fatigue.

Lymph is a fluid that enters the lymphatic system through the lymphatic vessels. As it moves through the lymphatic system, it carries away the toxins allowing fresh nutrients to replace it. By removing the fluid, the body will be healthier and work more efficiently, especially after surgery. 

Who is a candidate for a LYMPHATIC MASSAGE?

The best candidates for lymphatic massage:

  • Have recently had a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure
  • Suffer from pain, discomfort, or swelling
  • Desire overall better health of skin

What happens during a LYMPHATIC MASSAGE?

The patient will lie on his or her back and the medical provider will begin a very light touch, rhythmical massage. The lymph nodes will lightly be compressed at the clavicle to begin the flow. This treatment will cover the whole face with light to moderate pressure to thoroughly detoxify the face. 

What results should I expect from a LYMPHATIC MASSAGE?

The massage is extremely relaxing and many patients will fall asleep during the treatment. Results are immediate so the patient will look and feel better. Following surgery, 1– 6 treatments are usually suggested to promote complete healing. 

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Revitalize Your Body

After a surgical procedure, your body is not feeling its best, but it can be rejuvenated with a lymph drainage massage. This medical-grade massage is great at speeding up the healing process while ridding your body of unwanted toxins. To learn if you’re a candidate, give our office a call today. 

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